eLearningResearch* on eLearning use by leading companies found the major benefits were increased access to timely, standardised training across the organisation. Customised training was found more relevant and useful than off-the-shelf titles. Problem areas included a lack of instructional design skills amongst external consultants and internal IT, which could be a major barrier to implementation.

Unlike many consultants, Microcraft’s eLearning knowledge, skills and experience includes the sound instructional design and high level IT expertise necessary to ensure eLearning is effective and workable. Drawing upon our 30+ years experience, you can be confident that your organisation will enjoy accessible, relevant, high-quality, “just-in-time” training and save on travel, training, resources and administration costs.

Microcraft will collaboratively work with you to create: 

  • a sound business case for eLearning within your organisation
  • an eLearning strategy that meets the unique needs of your organisation
  • a solution that works with your Standard Operating Environment
  • eLearning management that is flexible and easy to administer
  • eLearning that meets clear business outcomes
  • a smooth, successful and timely eLearning roll-out
  • internal eLearning expertise and independence in producing/maintaining eLearning.

Microcraft’s consultancy services were Highly Recommended in the 2011 Australian Achiever Awards, earning a Special Commendation rating in the 2007 Australian Achiever Awards for the Highly Consistent Levels of outstanding Satisfaction Ratings over a period of eight years. Feedback from our clients over the years included:

"Everyone at this company is courteous, friendly, open, honest and very professional. The staff are very knowledgeable and very helpful, with great customer service skills."

"They are very thorough and professional. They have a sharp professional approach with innovative thinking and working balanced with a caring approach. They fine-tune their work to relate it to our business."

"They anticipate our needs and if any problems arise they help us work through. They are extremely professional and go beyond the call of duty for us. They have good customer service skills and great product knowledge. We are more than happy with their service."

* Releasing eLearning’s potential: eLearning in Australian and New Zealand Organisations, Cape Group.

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