AUTHOR Training

Microcraft provides you and your staff with training in all aspects of Author development. This on-site training equips trainees with skills, knowledge and hands on experience in:

  • Scripting multimedia lessons
  • Sourcing and creating graphics, voice-over and videos
  • Implementation and development of script and material
  • Quality control and delivery

Day One

The three day training course in Author Development begins with an introduction to Microcraft and an overview of the development process including scripting, implementation and project management. Trainees will also complete the Author tutorial at their own pace with supervision and advice from Microcraft’s experienced eLearning developers.

Day Two

The second day will include explanations and demonstrations of important elements of the development process. Trainees will be provided with opportunities to practice and receive feedback in areas such as scripting and implementation as well as creating and editing audio, graphics and video. Technical skills in the use of video and still cameras including tips for optimum performance and quality of output will be provided. Trainees will record voice over in our sound booth, and then edit this audio to make it suitable for implementation.

Day Three

The third day of training allows trainees the opportunity to practice using some of the more advanced aspects of Author including the construction of an assessment and the intricacies involved in randomising a test, scoring and accessing results.

Microcraft experts will also discuss and provide advice to trainees on the particular projects and uses they intend to use Author for. This may include the development of basic templates and protoypes, design and content tips and recommendations regarding project management and delivery.

Advanced Training

Advanced training is available to users who have previously completed the three day standard training course. The advanced training course will provide the trainees with in-depth explanations, demonstrations and practice sessions using some of the more complex features within Author. The advanced course will cover variables and conditions, advanced button types, delivery including HTML output, as well as other advanced actions.

Trainees per course: 4-6
Cost: $990 per trainee, per day

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