AuthorA unique approach to constructing interactive eLearning that is easy to learn and does not involve programming. Take advantage of the built-in question types or, using the flexibility of AUTHOR, create your own, using a range of video, graphics and sound files. This product produces web-based eLearning and includes the use of user-defined variables and conditions for complex applications.

AUTHOR published modules are HTML/JavaScript and require only a modern browser with either HTML 5 or Flash for audio and video and run on a variety of platforms including PCs, tablets and smartphones. Modules may also be packaged as SCORM 1.2 or SCORM 2004 for inclusion in Learning Management Systems


Training titles, educational titles, websites, electronic books and manuals, simulations.

How it works

Step 1
Write a “script” for your eLearning. A script is simply a Word document that specifies, using a format of your choice, the text, graphics, voice over and other resources you wish to include. At the same time, decide on the preferred “look and feel” of your title, e.g. background screen, headings and navigation buttons.

Step 2
Using an easy-to-understand, visual interface, you choose the preferred structure for your title e.g. a menu structure.

Step 3
Using simple dialog boxes, insert the content by cutting and pasting material from your script and selecting the appropriate resource files, e.g. and video.


Windows Vista/Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows 10.


AUTHOR Subscription

$165 (inc GST) per year. Subscribers receive free updates to the AUTHOR system.


To deliver single titles

To manage and deliver courses
Moodle or similar LMS with SCORM support

Download AUTHOR™

LMS – Learning Management System


Moodle websiteMicrocraft recommends the open source, Australian developed Moodle Learning Management System, used in over 200 countries. We can install this system on your infrastructure or provide Moodle hosting for your eLearning.

The Moodle LMS manages and administers your course delivery without the need for expensive IT infrastructures and support. This popular open source system delivers AUTHOR™ eLearning and manages learner results.

Complementary learner options include threaded discussion forums, chat sessions, practical assignments, resource libraries and surveys. It provides a complete virtual learning community that supports a range of learning styles and modes.

Our website is made with Moodle.


Administrator, tutor and trainer privileges. Web and intranet delivery. Deliver:
- internal training courses
- external training courses
- university courses
- short courses

How it works

Install the LMS yourself or have Microcraft install it for you or provide complete hosting. You may then customise it to suit your needs. For example, set up the required course structure.

As the LMS is internet based, setup can be performed remotely.

AUTHOR™ lessons are imported as SCORM modules and learners play AUTHOR™ eLearning titles by simply clicking on the displayed link.


Webserver with PHP Scripting Enabled (Either Windows e.g., Internet Information Server [comes bundled with Windows 2000 and Windows XP Professional] or Linux/UNIX).
MYSQL Database Server, MS SQL Server.


To deliver AUTHOR eLearning titles

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