Case Studies



Bushfire Risk Assessment

Project title Country Fire Authority - Household Bushfire Self-Assessment Tool
Client Country Fire Authority - Victoria
Audience Victorian Community
Modules 1 x 1 hour
Aim To assist in determining the defendability of properties and guide to developing a Bushfire Survival Plan


Currently available online to the community as a valuable tool for bushfire safety at

Description CFA This module provides Victorian community members with valuable information to prepare their homes and families for bushfire. Allows residents to input information relating to their house and surrounds and to calculate whether defendabity of the property would be feasible.

Includes tips and further information to aid learners in enhancing their safety and defendability such as vegetation management and bushfire preparation. Features a Defendable Space Calculator, Bushfire Survival Plan Tips, Checklists to prepare properties for bushfire, Glossary and links to additional resources

The major challenge was the delivery of the learning module to the diverse range of users’ computer skills, software and hardware.


Conflict of Interest

Project title The State Services Authority – Guide to managing conflict of interest
Client The State Services Authority - Victoria
Audience 250,000 Public Sector Employees and officials
Modules 1 x 1 hour
Aim To assist in identifying conflicts of interest in the workplace, learn strategies to deal with, and identify further sources of information about, conflicts of interest.


Reducing conflict of interest and its effects in the workplace.

Description COIThis module educates Victorian public sector employees on the definitions of conflict of interest, relevant legislation and how to recognise and deal with instances of conflict of interest within the workplace.
Key aspects of the module include scenarios differentiating Actual, Potential and Perceived conflicts of interest, as well as educating employees and officials about ‘Public duty’ and ‘Private interests’.
The challenge was to design a “generic” learning resource relevant to the variety of organisations and diverse range of skills in the Victorian public sector. Module includes video case study of a conflict of interest scenario, assessment, glossary.
Delivery via Internet, CD-ROM. Is freely available publicly from the SSA website at


Working Near Overhead Powerlines

Project title MidCoast Water – Power Line Awareness for Non Electrical Workers Theory Assessment
Client MidCoast Water - NSW.
Audience MidCoast Water’s Non Electrical employees and contractors
Modules 1 x 1 hour
Aim To assess the awareness of accredited persons regarding safe working practices working near overhead power lines, after these persons have attended a training course and achieved accreditation.


Accreditation regarding safe working practices working near overhead power lines.

Description MCWAssessment module containing a combination of randomly occurring mandatory and non mandatory questions.

Assesses knowledge and highlights gaps in this knowledge for workers and contractors to ensure their safety during the work they conduct for MidCoast Water.

Includes case studies and a glossary of terms. Assessment questions with a pass/fail requirement. Delivery and assessment results returned to new Moodle Learning Management System. A printable certificate is produced upon successful pass of the assessment.


System Simulation

Project title Channel Enablement – Point of Sale Upgrade Phase 1 & 2
Client Australia Post
Audience Australia Post employees
Modules 7 modules ranging from 30 - 60 minutes.
Aim To introduce existing employees to the Channel Enablement – Point of Sale (POS) Upgrade and familiarise them with the changes involved.


Provided staff with the familiarity and skills needed to utilise the new Point of Sale system.


Australia PostThe Channel Enablement – Point of Sale (POS) Upgrade is one of the most significant investments that Australia Post has made for the management of the people, processes and systems that serve its customers.

The modules demonstrate vital changes to the Australia Post systems affecting corporate and franchise outlet, resulting from Phase 1 & 2 of the system upgrade. The project is being delivered in three phases, with Phase 1 rolled out in September 2010 and the upgrade to be finalised by 2012.

Features demonstrations and interactive simulations of new computer processes, as well as screen captures of the new systems.


Performance Management

Project title The State Services Authority – Talking Performance
Client The State Services Authority (Victoria)
Audience Public Sector managers and anyone who leads or manages others
Modules 1 x 2 hours
Aim To provoke thinking about the roles of managers and how they communicate with others.


Provided managers with skills and techniques necessary for getting the most out of their staff.

Description Performance ManagementThis module describes the principles and elements of managing performance, explains how to implement them, shows videos of good and poorly executed performance conversations, offers tips, tools, checklists and conversation starters.

The module includes video scenarios demonstrating examples of both well and poorly managed employees. The videos also feature examples of well and poorly performing managers in situations where management procedures can guide and positively influence outcomes.

The module also features video case studies of performance management strategies, glossary, checklists & resources. Delivery by Internet, CD-ROM, DVD (Case studies).

It is freely available on the SSA website at


Performance Management

Project title OPSS - Providing feedback to your team
Client Australia Post
Audience Retail Shop Managers – Australia-wide
Modules 4 x 45 min
Aim Enable Managers to learn about and practise using a new Online Performance Support System, prior to a hands-on workshop.


Managers responded well to the training, demonstrated a good working knowledge of the system and asked more sophisticated questions as a result of completing the eLearning

Description OPSSIntroduced a new software system called the On-line Performance Support System or OPSS. OPSS represented a major change in the way that staff development and training was performed by Australia Post. Managers were introduced to the software system as well as "soft" skills such as providing feedback on performance to their teams and individual employees.

The training incorporated video, voice over, interactive questioning, a glossary, Frequently Asked Questions section and a system simulation that enabled Managers to practise with OPSS.


Identity & Verification

Project title Australia Post – Identity Services System
Client Australia Post
Audience Australia Post employees
Modules 1 x 3 hours
Aim To introduce employees to the new Identity Services system.


Enhances and assesses employees’ understanding of the Identity Services system.


ISSThe module looks at the history of identity services within Australia Post, new procedures and equipment use and maintenance. The module is followed by an assessment. Features video, full system interaction and simulation assessment, printable certificate. One of the challenges was to develop a learning module demonstrating the system whilst the new system was still in development.

Delivery via CD-ROM (also produced in HTML for internet/intranet delivery).

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